Bustin' Loose

When we first met Christy, she was a shy teen who didn't think her tits had what it took for her to be a megastar. (Boy, was she modest!) So, we did a few intro photo shoots with her, and this set right here was what we like to call the turning point. About halfway through this shoot, something snapped and Christy began to really shine in front of the camera. She busted out of this pink bra and all of a sudden we were headed to sex appeal city! Some might say she found her stride. We like to think that she finally busted loose from her shell and discovered that she liked to be in front of the camera. Regardless, we are all grateful that she did because it was, as they say, a moment when a star was born. A stacked star that is! The rest is flexible, fuckable, amazingly busty history and we wouldn't have it any other way!
Featuring: Christy Marks
Date: September 6th, 2023
Photos: 67

Member Comments

1 week ago 
Great shoot! She definitely cute/hot and better yet … she definitely knows it! Her confidence is scorching hot!
1 week ago 
Shes so God damn cute, plus her tits look amazing in the top!

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