Christy Marks: Swinging & Squirting

Swinging & Squirting
Christy Marks is a hell of a swinger. We know what you're thinking and we have to stop you right there. We're not referring to that kind of swinger, buddy. What we mean is that Christy Marks is fucking fantastic at rocking back and forward on this porch swing. We're not kidding. She swings like a champ, man. She just sits there and alternately rubs her jugs, gets more and more naked and swings back and forth. Then she plays with her giant tits some more, fingers her pussy and rocks back and forward, again. We're going to say that it's like a ride at Disney, but better. We're not trying to divert your mind to your dirty place or anything, but seeing Christy in motion on this swing takes us to this mental picture of her strapped into a sex swing, gracefully being guided on to an awaiting cock. Yup, this scene makes us want to buy a porch swing really badly.
January 4th, 2017   
19 mins   

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